A Daughter's Plea: Help us save our father's life

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Help us save our father's life. He's a God-given blessing to everyone.
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My father, whom we always call Tatay Ben is a God-given blessing to everyone. He is the most hardworking person I know. His only dream is to see his 2 children, me and my younger brother, get a degree, finish college and get decent and stable jobs someday. He was not able to finish College himself so he wants us to continue his dream instead. We are not rich. We are his only happiness. 

Just recently, our family was put into a test nobody expected to happen. He was diagnosed with leptospirosis. Severe leptospirosis. Causing his three organs to fail, all at the same time. His lungs got pneumonia, his kidney failed that leads to another diagnosis called Uremia, his liver also failed and was severely affected. He is now in the ICU and still fighting for his life. He undergoes dialysis every other two days to support his kidney. He is continously receiving antibiotic for his lungs and liver. His situation requires long and extensive medical treatment. 

As the breadwinner of the family, i can feel the weight on my shoulder is getting heavier and heavier. I dont have a stable job as i also have a heart ailment and taking daily maintenance to avoid attacks. I only have a small business and this is were im relying to. But as a 23 year old daughter, i cannot sustain this extensive treatment my father needs. Im still sending my brother to school. 

And now, im humbly asking for everyone's help. Please help us save our father's life. We still want him to see my younger brother finish college and know that his dream was fulfilled. We still want to be with him. Any amount will help us get by. My depeest thank you to everyone who will be willing to help. Thank you and may God bless you twice. 

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    Vilma Abellera
    14 days ago
    August 10, 2017
      Keep fighting, Sare and Tatay ben. ??


by: Sarina Valdevieso
Philamlife Village Las PiÑas Metro Manila PH
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Breadwinner. Self employed. Only daughter. Eldest child.


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