#A Strong Mother Fights his life & Improving Condition for multiple myeoluma/bone cancer#

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Today Cancer is curable. On the other hand neither the treatment goes for every week good for 6 month and two years. Therefore the major treatment and cure will be successful of this kind illness among others achieve our goal.
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A story of hero mother for us he fought his fighting each every moment why because since our fahter died at the age of 42 yrs old and i was 6 yrs old on that time my mother raised us 10 of his siblings in her own strenght of being house hold helper anywhere in mandaue city and cebu city just to eat three times daily and we are very thankful for his hard work just to raised us and finish high school and my some of my brohers are only elementary level. 

Last March 3-16, 2017 she is diagnose with multiple myeoloma/bone cancer, right now we are very thankful for the doctor didn't required chemotheraphy and my mother a huge smile in her strong life and blessed miracle itself. On the other hand this is the case of my mother Melita Ayuda battles for his diagnosed with multiple myeoloma/bone cancer. But MRI, Biopsy, X-ray shows that there is defortmity of his bones all through out her bone fro head to toe specially on her spinal cord near our hips on the back there is this location on her bones. Since we are discharge from the hopital according to the doctor my mothers condition is improving and she is fighting for his illness.We family members support his successfull recovery and encourage through out the process towards healing every week and every month good for two years and 6 months. 

Inspite of his condition fights for his struggles whole body  loose, weight, vomiting, nausea and and loss of appetite and even she cannot stand alone and walk because his spinal cord is already ruin down to her both knees cannot move . Above all she is persistent to be heal and she has a courage to smile even though for his situation she is now 66 yrs old.

 We are asking for your financial assistance that well help to us to buy one time medication of my mother that she need to treat bone cancer/multiple myeloma. The medicine was prescribed by her Doctor Maita L. Rodriguez Hematologist PRC NO. 91269  in Perpetual Succour Hospital. Gorordo Avenue Cebu city
We need your help because the medication that we need to take the rest of her life are too very expensive for us to buy and we cannot afford.
Zoledronic Acid (Zometa) Php 11,400.00 per month for two years Php. 273,600.00
Zoledronic (Bortelomib)Php 6000.00 per week for six months Php. 144,000
Please Sir/Madame if you can receive my letter and read my problem and help us it is a great pleasure and honour to accept your help for me and the rest my family specially my mother that she can live a healthy life with us. All i am asking is that

To buy one time the whole maintenance medicine
For my ailing mother worth approximately Php. 417,600.00. I already ask help in our, government agency but just only one time and after three months we can re apply again but in our case we need to have as stated above.

Sir/Madame i am heart fully asking your help we cannot afford her medication we don't have money anymore we love our mother since she is the one who raised us since our father died when i was 6 years old  and it is fresh to us that my sister died last January 23, 2017. We fought hard to find sponsor for her medication but no one could lend us money or help us i don't have choice i am already depressed for this situation please help us.

We already ask to the goverment agency but it is only one time pass you can apply and after three months we can reapply again and they cannot provide monthly maintenance medicine for our ailing mother.

My mother is always beleive in GOD and very positive that she will be heal for she fight every bit of his life. She never give up we keep on praying everyday and even for our other relatives my friends others, for gods healing. She is very well strong hero woman to us holding evry bit of her  faith to our GOD ALMIGHTY and challenge we can overcome and surpass.

We beleive in miracle specially your heartfully help happen everyday and EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE WITH GOD. Please help us from the bottom of our heart  and include him for your prayers.

Melita Ayuda
Contact Number:
P. Basubas St. Tipolo Mandaue City Mandaue City Cebu PH
About me:
Melita Ayuda 66 yrs old from P. basubas st. Tipolo Mandaue City I come from a lower class family i am the one who raise all my 10 siblings since my husband died at the age of 42 yrs old. I have lower income since my job is only a household worker for all my life a strong woman who did not give up for struggles in life.