About Us

We are Gava Tech Pte Ltd., a Singapore registered startup composed of passionate and highly technical professionals exposed in various charity foundations, marketplace and donation processing systems. In August 2016, we piloted Gava, a crowdfunding platform that puts fun and purpose into the act of giving. We also launched our mobile app which gained 25,000 downloads in just 3 months.

Focused on gift campaigns, we serve couples, celebrants and charities by enabling them create their own campaign page, use our share tools to raise funds from anyone and receive those in multiple ways.

In this screen age where younger generation are completely mobile and social, Gava aims to cultivate the virtue of generosity and make it a lifestyle. The vision of the team is for Gava to be top of mind when it comes to gifting, celebration of life and helping more people help more people. We dream that someday, through our platform, giving will be part of every land, every culture and every age. Because we believe that generosity is never about the amount, it is all about the heart.