The Gava Team

Ann Cuisia
Founder & CEO

I oversee and manage all operations. I started Gava with the vision to help and to inspire. The platform has evolved steadily, and we aim for it to continue growing.

Jojy Azurin
Co-Founder, Business Dev & Strategies

As head for strategy, I provide a "future" roadmap and blueprint for everyone and for the company as a whole. As troubleshooter, I help resolve escalated business issues.

Dexter Andrada
Co-Founder, Head of Development

I'm the head of Gava's Development Team. A big man with a big heart - I support Gava and our mission to make generosity a lifestyle.

Ralph Butial
DevOps Engineer

System Architecture and Security. I monitor DDoS attacks, emergency database rollbacks and faulty transaction handlings. I see programming as a form of art, but you know: not all artists are the same. As with painters, there are many programmers who only replicate things, never coming up with something original.

Jomari Estacio
Frontend Developer

A Web Developer in Gava. My passion is musical instruments like guitar, piano, drums and soon to play violin. I have been also a swimmer who took 8 medals ( 5 Golds, 2 Silver, 1 Bronze ).

Bryan Edong
Junior Frontend Developer

I am a web developer in Gava, I am passionate about coding and basketball. I have the ability to balance workloads efficiently, and I'm a problem solver. My goal is to become a Sr Full stack web developer.

Eli Quililan
Content & Design

As the content manager associate, I'm challenged to make visual designs for both print and web, manage Gava's social media, and act as an editor for written content. "Creating" and "Telling a story" are both things I love doing, and with design being a form of communication, the two melt together well.

Hannah Loyola
Customer Care

My job is to keep the company going by building and strengthening relationships with our clients, partners and with foundations. As someone who's adaptable and usually very cheery, connecting with people comes naturally!

Ria Rabajante
Business Dev Manager

Brand Development Manager; Handles Events & Marketing and looks after GAVA valued partners; my personal goal is to purposefully help & impact as much people as possible with the talent I've been given and enhance my skills for community development. There's nothing that I have that I did not receive, so I guess it's just right to pay back, give back. ;)

Allen Nicole Santos

I'm an accountancy student and I have been an intern for 2 summer breaks. Gava has expanded my knowledge and enhanced my skill set. I aim to learn, serve and inspire.

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