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Syke is 13 years old with big dreams. Please open your hearts and help him get another chance life to live his dreams.
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Syke, is a 13 year old kid full of dreams. A caring and loving big brother to his 2 other siblings. He loves basketball. He stands 5'8 and He undergoes training every weekend and shooting every afternoon in the hopes of landing a spot on a college basketball team or professional basketball here in Manila. If not, he said he wanted to be a pediatrician someday.

Last Saturday (July 29, 2017 at 7:20am) while in a convenient store getting breakfast for me, his grandma and siblings he suddenly passed out. According to Syke there was no dizziness or pain, everything just went black and the next thing he remember was being on a bed in the Emergency room.

Cardiologist found his blood pressure dropped and his heart rate dropped to 38 from the normal 60. Possible oxygen or blood did not reached his brain which caused him to faint. His lowest heart rate was 27 as observed since he was confined in the ICU. According to a Cardiologist that specializes in Electrophysiology, Syke has a Sinus Node Dysfunction and his only option (as no medicine can correct it) is to have him undergo a heart surgery to implant a pacemaker to bring back his hearts natural function.

This procedure cost over a million pesos and since he is just 13 he will still undergo another procedure when he grows older as he will outgrow the first one. Although I have a healthcard, the coverage doesnt suffice to cover the procedure(s). Being a single mom I also look after the needs of my 6 and 2 year old children (his younger sister and brother) and after surgery there will still be follow up check ups, medicine and rehabilitation needed to restore back his normal heart and body function.

Syke is just 13 years old with so much dreams. I am knocking on your good heart. Please open you arms and extend help for my son's operation so He may achieve his dreams. Please help me give him another chance in life.

For donations you may also contact me for account details. Please do share my campaign. Thank you so much. God bless us all.

During one of his test. He was all smiles with BP 110/60. We were even kidding around because for a 13 year old he was pretty tall...then in a flick of a finger he suddenly said he can't see anything. BP dropped to 90/40 and going down. Test was stopped.

I can still recall how he looked last Saturday when he first passed out (though it was worse) but panic envelope me. The pedia doctors and nurse on stand by calmed me and told me its all part of the test. But how can you not panic if you can see your son's blank stare....lifeless looking... After few minutes he was able to recover. 


August 3-4, 2017

Thank God my Syke's vitals are stable enough to be sent home. 

His doctors advised and warned that because he is young and active, Syke will not stay put and will insist in seeing his friends he plays basketball with. And sure enough 15 minutes after we arrived home, he did. I may be panicky but seeing him shoot some ball made me think he is all well. But due to his condition I cut his play time short and sent him home.

This is his first night without any monitoring devices nor doctors on stand by. (Day/Night 1 went well)

Next week, we will see his cardio electrophysiologist at Makati Med as he is to conduct MRI. Syke will also undergo series of tests again. Heart Surgery will be scheduled thereafter.

We pray that all his results will turn out well (please help us pray for a miracle). 


August 5, 2017, 2:24 am

Syke had cold sweats again. An indication that his heart rate is low. I can only do is pray. But I am thankful that though its low at least his heart doesn't stop beating.


August 7, 2017  2:45 am

Heavy breathing and cold sweats. BP dropped again. Dear Lord please help my son get through this. 

  • this week is his MRI and other tests. Please help us.


August 14-20, 2017

Due to earthquake, MRI was rescheduled. MRI with contrasts, 2D Echo, CBC and other lab tests Tilt & Treadmill test, scheduled this week. Doctors are trying to delay surgery until we gather enough funds for the operation. We also have to pay the Electrophysiologist fee everytime since HMO doesn't cover. 

We thank those who've extended their help. Thank you for sharing a part of yourself to my son. We need all the help and prayers we can get. No matter how big or small every cent counts and every help is greatly appreciated. Please include Syke in your prayers.


Last 27th of August around 1:35 am I was awaken by a loud thud. I saw my son near unconscious on the bathroom floor. He said he doesn't remember anything aside from the excruciating pain he felt on his right thigh. We immediately rushed him to the hospital. Doctors said they will try meds to help postpone the surgery however due to his weakening body, heart operation may be scheduled soon. Please help us with your prayers as well as if you may share our campaign link to reach people who are willing to help. We need all the help we can get most especially now.

God bless your good hearts.

To those who already extended help we are forever thankful.



As  01 October 2017 (present)

When we thought things are getting better as maintenance is given to prep him for his operation this December, though he lost weight, still experience shooting pain, dizziness, low bp and heart rate every now and then. Another challenge came. I am now on floating status in the company I am working for with no assurance of getting transferred to a new account. Whats worse salary is stopped. We needed the funds now and we hope of reaching out to all who has kind hearts who are willing to help now that we are in another trying/challenging times.

Christmas is coming and we pray my son is here to celebrate with us all well and in good condition. 

We thank you all in advance for your help. Alternatively you may also contact me directly. Any amount and help is greatly appreciated. 



Thank you for all the help you have given my son. He is taking a day at a time. Please continue the prayers for his quick recovery. God bless you all.


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