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Help us pay Mommy Cha and Baby Dave's hospital bill :)
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This is Mommy Cha and our premature baby,  Dave. 

Mommy Cha wasnt supposed to give birth until the second week of June, but on the 8th of May, she was rushed to the hospital due to severe headache (because of pre eclampsia). She was in the High Risk Pregnancy Unit until the 10th of May and was under observation. But on the 12th, she complained for severe headache, difficulty of breathing, and chills. 

The doctors explained that Mommy Cha's BP suddenly went up and baby Dave wasnt breathing normally and his heart rate was rapidly dropping down. This made me gave the consent to the Doctors to perform  an immediate caesarean delivery.  It was a difficult decision but also the safest option. 

Baby Dave was born prematurely at 8 months old only weighing 2.86 pounds (1.3 kg).  He's currently admitted at the hospital's neonatal intensive care unit (NICU). 

On the 13th of May - few hours after CS delivery, an unexpected challenge happened again.  Mommy Cha was having internal bleeding. She has undergone 22 blood transfusions due to hemoglobin and platelet count drop and has undergone another immediate surgery as she was diagnosed with HELLP Syndrome - HELLP syndrome is a life-threatening pregnancy complication usually considered to be a variant or complication of pre-eclampsia. ... "HELLP" is an abbreviation of the three main features of the syndrome: Hemolysis, Elevated Liver enzymes, and Low Platelet count.

It was so difficult for her heart, mind and body to have 2 consecutive major operations in less than 24 hours of recovery.

14th of May - By Gods grace, the second operation was successful. Hematoma (blood clot)  was prevented. 

 Currently, our hospital bill is already around PHP 648,000.00. And thats just the running bill. Baby Dave has to gain weight of at least 1.8 kg before he's released from the hospital. 

We need all the help we could. Any amount will do to help Mommy Cha and our Baby Dave.

Thank you everyone in advance. May it be returned to you a thousandfold.  

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