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At Carewell, people with cancer and their loved ones experience that they are not alone in facing the challenges of the disease. People can live a full life despite their cancer. You can help make that happen. Support Carewell and donate now.
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Even with Cancer there is Hope!

Almost everyone knows someone who has been touched by cancer.  There are approximately 100,000 Filipinos newly diagnosed with cancer each year.  And each and every cancer patient goes through a roller-coaster of emotions. But mostly they will feel helpless, alone, and afraid. For those who can afford treatment, their doctor will help the patient with the physical/ medical aspect of their treatment. But another, yet equally, important aspect is overlooked--- the psycho-social needs of the patient and that of the family.

Studies have shown that the patient's emotional disposition plays a role in how well they respond to medical treatment.  Our programs and services can help reduce the three most significant psychological stressors a cancer patient will face:  feelings of helplessness, loss of hope, and unwanted aloneness.  Participation in support groups, counselling and wellness activities can greatly improve their disposition and, effectively their quality of life.  Informative lectures and workshops help them learn more about mind-body connection, other integrative medicine modalities, exercise and overall wellness.  Medical consultations with oncologists for second opinion and nutrition concerns are also available. A cancer diagnosis comes with a huge financial burden.  Therefore, Carewell provides its services completely FREE OF CHARGE.  

Carewell provides psycho-social SUPPORT, EDUCATION and, most importantly, HOPE to persons affected by cancer and their loved ones. As a non-profit organization, Carewell relies on donations to sustain its operations.  With your donation YOU can make a difference in the life of a cancer patient and his/her family.  Donate and show that you care!  

The Cancer Resource And Wellness (CAREWELL) Community Foundation, Inc.
Non Profit
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S & L Building 6/floor, 101 Esteban Cor. Dela Rosa Streets, Legaspi Village, Makati City Makati Metro Manila PH
About us:
The Carewell Community is a non-profit foundation that provides psychosocial support, education and hope to persons affected by cancer. Its mission is to provide people with the knowledge, skills and disposition necessary to living life fully despite the challenges of their illness. Participation in Carewell's programs helps reduce the three most significant psychosocial stressors that a persons with cancer faces: unwanted aloneness, loss of control and loss of hope.