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We need help for Daddy Edd’s medical treatment.
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Hi Everyone!

I’d like you to meet Daddy Edd (Edgardo Ramos). He’s a loving husband to my Mom, Liza and the best father to us, Eds & Ayi, Eric & Cha and a doting grand father to his grand children Mamba & Eve.

Dad used to be an engineer in a refinery in Batangas until it shut down its operations. As years passed, he found himself working in the US as a dental assistant , a dietary staff , as a valet and whatever job he could he took, two jobs at a time if he could. He even saved a life while he was working at assisted living.

He retired back home in Batangas a year ago, and he and mom lived in his meager monthly pension. He was very happy to be back home , he got to spend more time with us, he got to do gardening, watch old movies and tv series at home.  All he ever wanted was a simple happy life with everyone he loved. 

If you have met Dad you’d know that he’s very kind, helpful, loving, generous, simple and very funny. He’s a great story teller too, and he would have told his story better than I would with all the gestures and sound effects he could muster. 

You may or may not know that Daddy Edd suffered a Heart Attack last May 20 at our home in Batangas at around 5 in the afternoon. 

Mommy Liza was beside him that afternoon while they were having a nap when she heard him gave a loud snore. She immediately tried to wake him but he was no longer responding so she gave him CPR right away. Daddy Edd was rushed to the ER of the nearby hospital and was revived after 15mins and was hooked to a respiratory ventilator and transferred to the ICU. When we got there, he was already hooked to iv’s , a ventilator and to several monitors. He tried to open his eyes when he heard our voice but he was weak to stay awake. Days passed while he was unconscious. There were days that he tried to open his eyes again, there were days that tears rolled down his cheek when we talked to him, there were days when he answered our questions by moving his feet. Then there was one day that he opened his eyes fully for a minute, for me to see that he was still hanging in there and fighting for us and his life.

He had a nosocomial infection, E. Coli n the lungs, in that secondary hospital in Batangas so we decided to request for a hospital transfer to the Philippine heart Center. However, the ICU queue was very long, we were number 16 on the waiting list for a spot in the ICU. We needed to act quickly so we decided to bring him to one of the best hospitals in the country without thinking of how much it will cost us, we took him to CSMC.

Dad is now in the Intensive Care Unit of the Cardinal Santos Medical Center fighting to regain his consciousness. The Doctors cannot predict how long will it take for dad to regain his consciousness even his vital signs are stable. Projecting our medical expenses, our current resources, would not be enough to cover the hospital bill as it is anticipated that he would need long term care.

We are reaching out to those who would want to help us during this trying time. Any amount would be of great help to provide dad the appropriate medical care. Most of all, your continous love, care and prayers are appreciated. Thank you from the bottom of hearts.

My Dad is now out of  the ICU and was transferred to a regular room. We are waiting for the Doctors' approval to bring him home. He needs long term care thus, we will have a hospital set-up in our house. We would like to thank all the people who are helping us  in this ordeal. God Bless You.

Mar Edison Ramos
Contact Number:
San Juan Metro Manila PH