eLibraries for Mainit schools

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eLibrary is a stand-alone repository of educational resources at the school with no Internet access. More info on the eLibrary project: library.ph . Info on TMI Portfolio: go.mainit.org/programs
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Help build an eLibraries in Mainit schools.  More info on the eLibrary: library.ph . More info on TMI Portfolio: go.mainit.org/programs

Mainit is a 4th class municipality in Nothern Mindanao, Philippines. Mainit high schools have thousands of students who could use more educational resources like eLibraries.

An earlier installation and engagement with two high schools (San Nicolas Academy and Mainit National High School) in Mainit, Surigao del Norte proved to be a tremendous help to both students and teachers. 

Video interview by Magnette Labrador

 Pictures from previous installations and engagements at San Nicolas Academy and Mainit National High School:



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 Locations of eLibraries so far: library.ph/locations. Recently the Project got funding boosts from North America and Europe. The goal now is to provide at least one school in each 22 barangays of Mainit with at least an eLibrary Box and a tablet.

Tambayayong Mainit, Inc.
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498 Mosende St Mainit Surigao Del Norte PH
About us:
Founded in 2008, Tambayayong Mainit, Inc (TMI) is a SEC-registered non-profit civic organization in the Philippines. TMI is comprised of similar-minded “Mainitnons” who wish to give back to their hometown. They are either current residents of the town or are part of the Mainitnon diaspora to the different parts of the world. More info: mainit.org