Bring Ideas to Life by Giving Together

With Gava, you can turn or help turn ideas into reality, whether it be your own business, a house project, a product or a work of art - we give everyone and anything the possiblity to become possible.

Make Ideas Come True

Receive Support From Others

Share Your Success


Reward Your Supporters

Make use of our Perk System to give your supporters rewards for a certain amount they donate!

Keep Them Posted on Your Progress

Keep your supporters updated on how the project is going by giving updates on your campaign page!

Multiple Payment Methods

Our platform offers multiple payment methods both online and offline so you are able to contribute anytime, anywhere.

Why Us?

We at Gava take pride in promoting a lifestyle of generosity, and in our belief that there is power in giving together. No matter the amount, you can help make a difference in someone else's life. With our user-friendly platform, you can reach thousands right where you are. And surely, that kindness would return to you.