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Cleft kids, like all kids in this world, deserve love and care from all of us. Please help me bring that love to them.
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This all started when I stumbled upon the photo of Jollibee with cleft circulated in social media - with the caption "Sa Jollimee, mida ang saya". As much as it the owner of the image did not intend it to be offensive, it got laughed at 3.6k times. 

Many people do not realize how laughing at cleft speech affects kids with cleft lip and cleft - especially the young ones trying to find their place in this world.  It makes them feel inferior, laughable, objects of ridicule.

Many people do not realize how hard it is for parents to bear the stigma that their kids face. They worry. They fear for tjeir kids ALL THE TIME. And no parent deserves that as well. 

I started this simply with the intention of breaking a stigma. I just wanted to create awareness - to make this world better for all children - with or without cleft.  There is no excuse not to do it. Because if not us, who would?

The post I made in response to the circulating cleft speech speech mockery made its way to reach 5.8k reactions. It was shared hundreds of times. Thanks to all of the people who believed that it was a cause to be supported.  

I am asking you again for your help. This time to make it more substantial.  

I am hoping for your kindness to donate - even the smallest amount - to bring joy to the kids with cleft lip and cleft palate. The proceeds of this campaign will be donated to families of kids with cleft palate and cleft lip. 

Let us make their lives happier. They will have a long way to go through in lofe. If not us, who would?

Andrea Carigma
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