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I have long been running a Constitutional Reform and Federalism education and information dissemination campaign aimed at really making ordinary Filipinos understand why it is necessary for the Philippines to adopt certain necessary and non-negotiable constitutional reforms. I have been doing this via social media and have occasionally given numerous talks and seminars and have sometimes appeared on TV, all the while doing this part time while working in a normal day job, using my own funds gained from working a day job for web-hosting and to fund the campaign. In the recent Federalism Summit in Madrid in which I was the resource person who gave the main talk about Federalism and the other Constitutional Reforms, a large number of community leaders came to me to invite me to give talks to their communities all across Europe. I have also received messages from other Filipino community leaders in other locations such as Dubai, Bahrain, etc to visit them and give them talks that would help them better understand these reforms so that they may campaign for these reforms to their relatives and friends back home. I have recently been asked by many supporters to go full-time in order to reach more people and to create more videos, write more articles, come up with more educational materials and resources that can better inform more Filipinos and fight against the active disinformation campaign being waged by enemies of reform. I cannot devote so much time to this if I continue working in a day-job where I would need to keep going on-leave just to travel to give talks or fly to the Philippines to have a TV appearance or give a seminar... But I cannot do this reform full-time unless I have the funds to do this. I need funding to pay for the cost of living (Rent to pay, and the family needs to eat too), as well as funding to pay for airfare when travelling to different places to give talks, or pay for printing campaign stickers, flyers, newsletters/magazines, posters, and other materials aimed at popularizing Federalism and Constitutional Reform in order to make the concepts easier for most Filipinos to understand and appreciate.
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I started the CoRRECT Movement in late 2010 as an informal Movement to spread the word on the need for the Philippines to adopt three key constitutional reforms:

1) Removal of the anti-FDI restrictions in the 1987 Constitution

2) Shifting to Federalism

3) Shifting to the Parliamentary System

I started out writing articles on various internet-based platforms until I came up with my own website where I now house these articles. I have also done a lot of intensive research on these reforms and have collected a huge amount of information and white-papers and academic dissertations that support and prove the effectiveness of these reforms.

I have made my website into a kind of information repository on all things related to the Constitutional Reform movement in the Philippines.

The CoRRECT Movement's "CoRRECT" stands for Constitutional Reform & Rectification for Economic Competitiveness and Transformation.

When I started this movement and gained a huge following on the internet among reform-minded Filipinos, I was doing this purely as a hobby working during the day and writing articles and even conducting seminars and talks on weekends and outside of work. I even took a year off and did all this while running on savings.

For years, I have been spreading the word on these three important Constitutional Reforms using my own personal funds taken from the work I do as an IT Professional.

Today, the Philippines is ramping up on getting these reforms underway but there are snags. Opponents of these reforms are on a counter-offensive, doing all they can to try to spread misinformation and false facts, talking about how these reforms are either "bad" or "unnecessary", and all kinds of disinformation aimed at preventing these reforms from happening.

I realize that I cannot continue on pushing for these reforms as a part-time reform advocate. I am more and more receiving lots of invitations to speak at schools, on TV and radio stations, to travel to various communities to give seminars/workshops to explain all these reforms, and act as a resource person for government-related hearings and inquiries about such reforms.

Unfortunately, quitting my day job means losing income and now that I have a family, and "starving" is not an option.

I need to get funding so that I can provide for my family while doing this altruistic task of spreading the word on reforms full-time.

For years, I have even spent my own money to pay for FaceBook advertisements, spending money printing flyers and pamphlets, paying for a billboard ad (together with funds pooled from some other fellow advocates) and paying for web-hosting.

It is becoming unsustainable to increase my workload in this reform advocacy without it affecting my day-job, yet I simply cannot afford not to have any income if I went fulltime with the advocacy.

Crowdfunding is my only option. This is the only way for me to continue on in my advocacy to fight against the aggressive misinformation campaign being waged by the enemies of reform in the Philippines, and step up to become much more active as a full-time reform advocate, especially now that the invitations to do talks increases.

My family and I are based in Singapore and this is why I need to travel to the Philippines just to do such talks. In the past, such travel had to be timed with my vacation leaves or such talks needed to be done on weekends.

Most fellow reform advocates helping me out in this struggle have told me that I am the most articulate and most knowledgeable in this particular field, and that I cannot delegate this task to others already in the Philippines.

For this reason, I need to raise funds - preferably among Overseas Filipinos and among wealthy Filipinos who agree with the need for openness to FDI (in order to solve the massive unemployment problem of the Philippines) and to shift to a Federal-Parliamentary System.

I aim to get enough funds for me to do this full-time for the next three years - the maximum amount of time it will take for the Constitutional Reform push to happen within what's left of the Duterte Administration. I believe the time-limit for this would be until 2021, because by 2022, it will be too late. That's why my limit is THREE YEARS (it's 2018 right now). For each year, I will need US$100,000, which will achieve two things: (1) cover for the lack of income that going full-time will cause and (2) create enough cash funds for me to fund my activities such as travelling to various parts of the Philippines as a result of invitations to give talks, to pay for web-hosting and other advocacy-related costs such as making educational videos, advertisements, printing flyers, posters, campaign stickers, magazines, pamphlets, etc.

I am also producing a lot of simple videos and documentaries aimed at making more Filipinos able to understand and appreciate why these reforms are necessary, and these all incur costs, especially if I need professional assistance in obtaining the services of graphic artists and graphic animators in creating explainer videos.

I need to connect to more people in person through talks if only to convince more people that even if they may come from different political persuasions or have certain biases, these structural and constitutional reforms are absolutely necessary and totally beneficial for all Filipinos, regardles of creed, political affiliations, family background, etc.

My credibility lies in the fact that I am not a politician. I am just an ordinary OFW who has seen how these kinds of systems work in the countries I have lived and worked in and has studied them in depth and I want the Philippines to adopt these systems so that we too can benefit greatly from them and zoom up become the prosperous society we deserve to be.

Here is my website: www.correctphilippines.org

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Orion Perez D
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I'm an OFW who is running a Constitutional Reform and Federalism Advocacy, Information Dissemination, and Educational Campaign aimed at getting Filipinos of all political persuasions to understand the objective and undeniable necessary of undergoing the necessary constitutional and structural reforms: (1) Removal of all anti-Foreign Direct Investment Restrictions that keep job-creating companies away; (2) Federalism; (3) Parliamentary System. I need funds in order to do this full-time...