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My auntie is in her early 50's and could still live a longer and healthier life. Even at this stage of her life, she's determined to fight and survive. I wanted to help her as much as I can, though I am financially challenged too, I find this site and hopes that those good-hearted people will return the call. God bless you all.
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My aunt Fely is in her early 50's and living a normal life. Though most times her family is facing challenges especially on financial matters, she's still living her life happily. She's a good hearted person, willing to give to those who are in need, although she knows she have very little for herself too.

Just 3 months ago, her life has changed completely. With very little signs, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. It took sometime to raise the amount fo money needed to sustain primary expenses for her operation. Her right breast has been removed, and sadly the result of her biopsy shows her cancer is already in stage 3. The doctor recommended her to go a series of chemo therapy which she is hesitant to take not only because there are so many negative feedbacks on chemo therapy patients but also because they cannot afford it.

It's heart breaking to see one of your family members suffer this dreadful disease which does not only drain the patient's physical strength but worse, the emotional and mental strength. My aunt though is very determined to fight and survive, with her faith and family's support to strengthen her.

We know there are many good hearted person out there who's willing to give more than to receive. It is only Jehovah God who can repay your goodness. Any amount that your heart willingly gives will be much appreacited. More than that, please help my aunt through your prayers. Long life to everyone and always take care of your health.

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Maria Elena Lazaro
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1073 Zone 7 San Miguel Hagonoy, Bulacan Hagonoy Bulacan PH
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I'm a volunteer teaching sign language to deaf people and helping them to learn to read and write, and most importantly to learn about their hope as stated in the Bible. I wanted to help my Auntie who has undergone an operation for breast cancer. It's already in stage 3 and she needs to undergo series of chemo therapy which will cause a large amount of money. She has very limited resource as they only have enough money to survive everyday living. I hope to raise fund to help her. Thank you!