Fighting for his family, fighting for his life: Poppet’s cancer struggle

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Fighting for his family, fighting for his life: Poppet’s cancer struggle

Fighting – this has been Poppet’s battle cry – be it in his diligent quest to provide for his family or his recent confrontation with his life’s threatening illness – cancer and his journey is that of a brave soul and that of a passionate father and husband.

Poppet has had his share of his struggles before being stricken with cancer (Septal Squamous Carcinoma), but he always hurdles his challenges with much dedication and perseverance. As a provider and breadwinner to his loving wife and a wonderful 5 year old son, he always makes the most in any opportune situation.

These are his moments of literal ups and downs..

Sometime ago, Poppet has been employed as a sales person for 20 years. But unfortunately, he was retrenched by his last company due to downsizing. Despite this, he studied and practiced baking buko pies and started to distribute it among friends. He saw this as a promising start to overcome their financial difficulties and to sustain his family’s needs as it became an instant crowd favorite.  He worked tirelessly as it continued to receive orders for his dream is to have a small business.

Alas, the pain of cancer had him crumbled. He begin to experience headaches and nosebleeds. CT scan showed a rare and aggressive type of skin cancer growing on his septum. Malignancies of the nasal septum are extremely rare because it form less than 1% of the total population on all head and neck cancers.

According to the CT scan report, there was a thinning and destruction of the nasal septum and early erosion of the left nasal bone. In only a few months since diagnosed, it has spread to his neck's lymphnodes. Physically, he lost significant weight – too tired and too weak.

He underwent a surgery and removed his septum along with the 5 lymphnodes in his neck. He was saddened by the thought that he had no choice but to give up their family's business due to doctor's advise to stay away from all forms of stress and avoid the possible triggering cause of that disease. They have exhausted their savings to maintain his medications and supplements daily. 

All along he thought the cancer was gone but somehow, this proved to be temporary, for cancer came back as he experienced the same symptoms again. Ct scan showed a new growth which causes severe pain beginning from palate of his mouth then radiates up to his eyes and head everyday. Nosebleeds continued along with nausea, vomiting, dizziness, and fatigue.

He remained strong although weak and in pain, for he believes that as long as he has breath, he still has hope and can fight for his life.  Each day he wakes up, he is very grateful that The Lord gives him another day to live and another chance to spend his time with family. He considers himself blessed despite his condition and remains hopeful.

His oncologist advises for another operation to remove the tumor which is trying to reach the bone on his nose and then followed by chemotherapy and radiation. They are now bearing the burden of uncertain future – both for Poppet’s medical needs, as well as for his family’s sustenance.

We are hoping for your help, no matter how small – not only to save a providing soul but to let him able to stand again for his family’s needs. We are knocking on your blessed hearts, as distant brothers and sisters, hoping that your kindness and prayers would give Poppet a fighting chance in his quest.  

May The Lord return to you the generosity you have shown for He sees your compassionate heart to help the weak and needy. May He blesses you and your families with gifts not bought by money like joy, peace, wisdom, contentment, love, good health, and protection.

Poppet and his family wanted to thank you from the bottom of their hearts. God bless you always. 


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