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Aklan Animal Rescue and Rehabilitation Center needs our help to raise funds for Puka (rescue dog) and for other rescued cats and dogs so they can continue to save lives and continue to grow their sanctuary.
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Last Saturday afternoon  (November 11, 2017) we were at  Puka Beach in Boracay. My friend noticed this frail, malnourished and really very sad dog. She had wounds all over her body, she couldn’t open her eyes anymore and she had severe mange. As soon as I saw her, my heart sank. We tried to give her water and food but she didn’t want to eat nor drink. We were scared that she was gonna go that day. With a heavy heart, we had to let her be..
On Tuesday afternoon, we decided to go back to Puka Beach. As I was walking through the beach I was very anxious to find out if she was still on the same spot. My heart broke into a million pieces when I saw her still lying down on the same spot. I went near her and started crying, feeling helpless. I wanted to help her but I didn’t know how. We looked for medicine but we were on a remote part of the island. With a heavy heart again, I had to go back to our hotel. But this time, I couldn’t not do anything. I went on the internet and started searching if there were any animal rescue organizations around Boracay. I finally saw one in Kalibo. It’s very far from Boracay island but I had to try. I asked them if they had any rescue teams on the island. The owner and founder of Aklan Animal Rescue & Rehabilitation Center (Philippines) was very quick to respond to my message. After a few hours of messaging and trying to make arrangements, we were able to set her pick-up the very next day. As soon as we woke up, we went straight back to Puka Beach to check if the dog was still there. I was very glad to see her and couldn’t wait for the rescue team to arrive. I talked to some of the locals to ask how long she has been in that state. They told me she’s been that way for a long time. I tried to give her water again as soon as I saw her but she still didn’t want to drink. Even some of the tourists tried to give her food and water but again she didn’t want to eat nor drink. I felt a big spark of faith when I saw her running around the beach. In her state, for her to be able to run around and walk was a good sign. She’s a very strong dog indeed. Finally the rescue team came. She resisted a bit and cried but she calmed down immediately after going inside the crate. I would like to thank Sir Michel van der Kleij and JM of Aklan Animal Rescue and Rehabilitation Center for helping us and for all their efforts to help save her. The rescue team travelled for 4 and 1/2 hours just to retrieve Puka (I named her after the beach). I’m so grateful and very touched to find such an amazing sanctuary and animal rescue organization. Now Puka is getting treated in their sanctuary.
It's very rare to find an animal rescue organization here in the Philippines. They are doing this out of their kind hearts and dedication and love for animals in need. They helped me to rescue Puka and now I want to help the sanctuary so they can continue to save lives.
 I am reaching out to those who would want to help Puka and this inspirational non-profit organization. Any amount would be of great help. 
I hope this reaches your hearts. Thank you so much. 

Thank yo  Puka is being treated everyday for her mange and has finally been eating a lot ever since she got to open her eyes thanks to the volunteers at the sanctuary. She doesn’t have any incurable diseases (parvo, distemper). All she really needed was someone to rescue her and take care of her. 

Isabel Blaesi
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Aklan Animal Rescue and Rehabilitation Center needs our help to raise funds for Puka and other rescued dogs and cats so they can continue to save lives and continue to grow their sanctuary.