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Lets help these two angels survive and start to live a normal life.
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After 2 miscarriages Mychael & Cziarina wished for Gabriel's sibling... God granted their prayer, with a bonus- He gave us not just one, but twins who sadly, were born prematurely (Feb. 28) at 7 months, Raphael and Daniel weighing only 900 grams and 1.3kgs respectively. It was more of a shock than excitement and more of worriness than happiness that we feel because the twins are so little, very fragile and weak. They can't breathe on their own so both of them have respiratory machines, (CPAP) but hours later daniel is still having difficulty in breathing so they intubated him and they used Respiratory Ventilator to help him to breathe but 2 days after Daniel was extubated and he used CPAP machine the same machine that Raphael is using.

Because of prematurity all their organs are not yet fully developed so they told us to expect a lot of complications that they have to go thru. That its normal for premature babies to have an on and off progress that today they will be ok and the next day they are not.  As per doctors prognosis, the twins need to stay in the hospital for atleast 3 months depending on their progress so it means 3 long months of agonizing for their parents Cziarina and Mychael.

Both have shallow breathing, desaturation and apnic problems so they badly need the respiratory machine to help them to breathe and to remind them that they need to breathe. They also had high levels of bilirubin so they are treated for neonatal Jaundice thru phototherapy. On their 2nd week Daniel had an eye infection and it goes to his blood so they administered antibiotics on his eyes and thru his IV, 2 days after his twin brother Raphael had an eye infection as well so the same goes to him. Doctors also saw on head scan that Raphael has a Bilateral Intra ventricular hemorrhage level 2, as of now he had 3 scans. They also have feeding intolerance so sometimes their tummy is bloated so if it happens they need to scan their tummies and stop their feeding. There were even instances when the twin's hemoglobin level were so low that they needed blood transfusion.

Right now, after 4months of staying in the hospital finally Daniel is with us however Raphael is still waiting for the right time to be discharge. Last week he had undergone hernia repair.

Our bill was initially 520,000 AED, 141,000 USD and 6,000,000 in pesos, through consistent follow up with the insurance company to shoulder their aggregate cost, finally thank God Daniel's bill of 195,000 AED was already shouldered by the insurance so we are hoping that Raphael's bill will also be shouldered by them but his bill is beyond our insurance limit so there is still 100, 000 AED pending to be settled by us. On this note Im pleading to everyone’s good heart, much as it is against our good sense to bother you that we knock at your hearts to please help us with our financial worries. For we are at our limited resources in paying the hospital bills.                      

Hoping for your kind help and consideration.

Mitch Vicencio Nievera - twins aunt

Bank Details :

Bank Name : National Bank of Abudhabi

Account Name : Mychael Louise Vavier Vicencio

Bank Address : Main Branch Abudhabi


IBAN : AE970350000006201392294

Bank Name :      BDO

Account Name : Cziarina L. Vicencio

Account Number : 005250133372

Bank Name : Metrobank

Account Name : Lolita S. Lorenzo

Account Number : 566-7-56600323-2

Bank Name : BPI

Account Name : Renan Nievera

Account Number : 2269073732


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Michell Lynn Vicencio Nievera
Contact Number:
Malabon Metro Manila PH