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Michael Malonzo, a father who diligently works for his family, victimized, falsely accused and arrested by few irresponsible law enforcers. Help us give Michael the justice an innocent man deserves. Your help and generosity will go a long way.
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Ohana means FAMILY, and family means nobody gets left behind.

I've always believed in the value of family, and for me, my family is one of the greatest gifts God has given me.

Hi, I'm Jannah Malonzo, 24, an OFW at the age of 22. I'm the eldest of 4 daughters.

I'm here writing and raising this fund because the expenses our situation demands from our family are undeniably overwhelming. My 3 younger sisters are still in school and my mother is a public school teacher. My income as a nurse is not enough to support the increasing demands of our family's situation: the lawyer's fees, the payment for bail, adding up to the everyday expenses at home.

We've tried raising funds through selling brownies, leche flan and preloved stuffs, but it isn't enough. 

The expenses kept on incurring, and at some point, I felt hopeless. It seems as if freedom has a price tag, and we just can't afford it. 

This situation has taken its toll on our family, but we're not giving up.

"Because you don't give up on the people you love, no matter how difficult it may seem."

The value of giving

My father raised us not to love money or desire to be rich and famous, because according to him, the love of money is the root of all evil.

Growing up he always showed goodness and generosity to others even in times of financial constraints and need. Back then I didn't understand that, but now I've grown up, I've learned, that my father taught me that true richness is in giving, even when you don't have much to give

But now our family is going through a very difficult time.


Background story

January 13, 2017, my father mysteriously disappeared. He was supposed to fetch my youngest sister from school, like he usually does. But that Friday afternoon, he didn't show up. Usually, my father would always inform my mom about his whereabouts, where he is going and what time he'll come home. It was very unusual of him not to sms or call, or show up. When my father did not go home that night, my mom was worried sick. Something was definitely wrong. 

We looked for him everywhere but there was no sign of him, or the car.  

He was missing for more than 48 hours. 

To our surprise, my mother received a call that said my dad was detained in a nearby police station. When she went there to verify if it was really my father, she didn't see any record of him on their logbook. Persistent to find my dad, she requested to check every detention cell of that station. 

Lo and behold, he was there. And though he was not in a very good place, we were grateful he's alive. 

My dad looked devastated, he was wearing the same clothes that were on him the day he disappeared. He had not eaten anything for 3 days. 

When asked about what happened, my father told my mom that he was illegally arrested and detained by irresponsible policemen for a crime he did not commit.


What exactly happened?

My father was just about to fetch a couple passenger in an apartelle in Quezon City at around 4pm on January 13, 2017 when 3 policemen grabbed him, without showing a warrant of arrest, took his wallet with all his ATMs, license, money earned that day, samsung phone and his car key, then he was asked where he parked his car. Then, he was placed in a room wherein there were already 3 persons handcuffed. He was then handcuffed with the other man inside that room. After a few minutes they were asked to go out of the room. He was surprised to see other 5 handcuffed men coming out of the adjacent room. Then they went down and rode in our car with the arresting officer driving it. They did not passed the front desk officer but instead they passed in a parking area leading to the basement of the station. That explained why his name was not listed in the logbook. My mom was not informed of his whereabouts because nobody was asking him or them. It was only on jan 16 that we found out.

When he was arrested, the police filed in their report that they've found a packet of drugs in my father's slippers when the truth is there isn't any. 

The police even asked for a certain amount of money in exchange for the cleaning of my father's paper and the retrieval of our Grab car. Despite giving them the money, they didn't let my father free. They just returned the car key but on their report, they did not clear my father's name. The very people who vowed to protect the citizens of our country are the very ones causing havoc on our family and in other families also. 

It's been 2 months already and the expenses it incur for the lawyer and other legal related matters is really burdensome, aggravated by the very slow justice system.


Here is a breakdown of ongoing and expected expenses for the case:


For the past 2 months, I can't comprehend how and where the money came from.

All I know is that God is faithful and that He will surely provide. And that no matter how great the needs may be, God is far greater ♡


Hoping our story reaches out to your heart of generosity. For every parent out there who will do anything for their children, for every son/daughter who wants to give their parents a good life, for every one who has experienced a trial that brought their family closer, I hope our story touches home.

Knocking on your hearts, any amount will be of good help to us. I'll be praying that whatever amount you give, God will bless and give it a back to you a hundred folds.

Thank you for your generosity.


Jannah Malonzo

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Jannah Malonzo
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Blk 2b Lot 4 Florida Blanca St. Phase 1 Dela Costa 2 Caloocan City Quezon City Metro Manila PH



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