Kidney Transplant For JR

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Please Help Save My Brother JR
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Kidney Transplant For JR

The past few months has been a challenge for my family and we may not be able to resolve it on our own. I am knocking on your heart, asking for your kind help to save my Brother's life. 

My brother, JR, is  29 years old with Stage 5 Chronic Kidney Disease and he needs a kidney transplant as soon as possible or he will die.

My brother and I grew up together in our province. He has had a history of diabetes since he was 13 years old. Insulin injections and medicines were part of his life growing up. Eventually, financial strain caught up to us and we had to halt the insulin injections. Last year, we started to notice that his feet and face was slowly swelling, with bouts of vomiting. He always had shortness of breath and was always tired. Last December 2016 we decided to bring him to the hospital for a check up and was diagnosed with Kidney Disease. His creatinine levels reached up to 1080. The doctor said that he needed to be confined immediately and start dialysis.

Both our parents are old and retired and our debts have been piling up. Even though there are days my brother tells us he feels fine and is getting better, the results from the hospital show otherwise. His kidneys are only 10% working. The doctors tell us that the only way for his quality of life to improve is to have a kidney transplant or else endure a lifetime of dialysis.

The cost of a kidney transplant is  estimated PHP 2-3 million. We do not know where to get that kind of money. So here we are, knocking on your kind heart to please help our family save my brother’s life. I know we are strangers in your eyes, but a little help can go a long way. We hope you can help a young man get back on his feet so he can give back to the world, and I know that he has so much to offer.

Thank you for taking time to read my brother’s story and situation. I look forward to hearing from you soon.  

Thank you very much.


Argen M. Beltran, Philippines



“A gift from the heart no matter the amount is priceless”


If you are unable to give today, please support my brother through prayers and by spreading his story to your friends and colleagues. THANK YOU!


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Argentina Beltran
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