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Kidney Warrior of Dreams! Fight for your life! Fight for your dreams!
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November 2013 when I was diagnosed with Chronic Kidney Disease. I found it out when I was complying for my medical exam for a job I've applied. At first I was not convinced because I don't feel any abnormalities on my system. I went to other nephrologists for second opinion but the same results was given. I cried so much, because I thought of my family and my dreams that time. I don't know how to tell to my family what my condition is. I told my family that I have that kind of disease and they were shocked and speechless until they hugged me while crying. My mother told me that they are just at my side whatever happens. Lord will heal me just stick on him. Until one day I felt so much pain on my head with fever, that's why I rushed to the hospital and found out that my blood pressure was rising unmatched to my age. They gave me medications for hypertension to decrease the level of my blood presssure.  The doctor said that we need to go to a bigger hospital that caters severe illnesses. Still I didn't go to other hospital, but took a rest at home. Because I am afraid of dialysis, I did self medication at home and followed some instructions of doctor like inject 3x a week of Epo for increase of my hemoglobin count. I ate healthy foods and I also joined Zumba sessions as my exercise and it leads me to make a new friends and gained support from them as well.

February 2014, the symptoms of my illness came out. I had edema on my feet, and face. I was so afraid that time because having edema is a sign of having severe illness. I was so shy to go outside without socks or shoes because my feet are big and puffy but still I used to do what others do normally. I still hang out with my friends and join Zumba sessions. On March, we had financial crisis because of expensive medicines. My father was just a fisherman that time and my siblings are working in a factory, others have their own family already so that we cannot sustain my medication. So I decided to stop the medication since my condition  was fine that time. 

Time goes by and my system easily went down. My hemoglobin fells down, I've been congested because of excess fluids. It was so hard for me do simple chorses because of shortness of breath. The edema became bigger and bigger. And everything became worsen until I lost my appetite, I can't sleep, I often vomit and I can't even walk 5 steps. I thought that was the end, but I looked up to God and ask for strength. I want to live more because I want to create more memories with my family, friends and loved ones. I want to live because I want to achieve my dreams. I fought for my life because I still have a mission to do here on earth.

I was rushed to the hospital and treated. I am afraid of dialysis because of others sayings. But there's no other way to extend my life but dialysis or transplant. Since we don't have donor and money we chose dialysis as the easiest way to extend my life.  At first, it was hard for me to accept my situation but with the help of my family and support from my friends, I gained strength to live more and embrace my condition.

Now I am dialysis patient for 4 years and still fighting for my life and fighting for my dreams. Don't be ashame of what situation or condition you have, embrace it, accept it. With the help of your family and support from your friends you can easily surpass all the hindrances in your life. Just pray and stick to God and he will give you stregth and be an inspiration to others to fight whatever obstacles are blocking their lives.

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Jovel Gregorio
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197 Pabillona Compound, Isla Valenzuela Metro Manila PH
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Hi, I'm Jovel. 26 years old and diagnosed with Chronic Kidney Disease secondary to Chronic Glomerulonephritis. I am now underngoing hemodialysis 3x a week, for lifetime. I am doing this advocasy because I want to inspire everyone, inspite of my condition I am still fighting for my life and for my dreams