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"Leadership is all about stewarding our credibility for the common good." Bong Baylon, Manila
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"The Global Leadership Summit ingrained in me my life's purpose: to become a better follower of Christ and a better leader for this broken yet deeply beloved generation." Swanee Gumatay-Budiao

With all the problems and challenges at hand, there is more than ever a call for strong and righteous leadership. Borrowing the words of Bill Hybels, “Everyone wins when a leader gets better.” Indeed, more leaders need to be identified, trained, empowered, and unleashed. This new generation of leaders will come from the youth. These young people have, deep within them, a vision and dream, lofty ideals and desire to effect change in society and even start social movements. These future leaders can be likened to a seed, which if properly cared for, nurtured and given the right building materials, will grow into a fruitful tree. They just need people who will believe in them and invest in their growth

APPEND conducts regular leadership training which includes the yearly APPEND Leadership Conference (ALC) held at different sites in the country and hosted by the different member organizations of APPEND. The ALC has a twin objectives of: (i) enhancing the leadership of our field officers, and inspiring commitment to continue serving the poor through social entrepreneurship and (ii) investing in the future of our poor but deserving APPEND-KILOS college scholars.


APPEND in partnership with Willow Creek Association (WCA) also conducts Global Leadership Summit (GLS) in various parts of the Philippines. The training event offers a lot of opportunities to sharpen the character and skills of both present and emerging youth leaders. We could help send many young people to these leadership training so they can be equipped to be better leaders now and in the future. A leadership event per person is USD25.00. 



About Append

More than 26 million Filipinos remain poor with almost half or a little more than 12 million living in extreme poverty and lacking the means to feed themselves.

APPEND Incorporated or the Alliance of Philippine Partners in Enterprise Development Inc., commits to help eradicate poverty in the Philippines and to promote national transformation by contributing to the growth and development of God-fearing, socially-responsible micro- and small entrepreneurs.

The micro-entrepreneurs serve as the backbone of the Philippine economy especially when their number is large enough to impact the scale of small and medium enterprises (MSMEs). MSMEs contributes to almost 61.6% of the total jobs generated by all types of business establishments. This shows that this sector is the largest source of income for disadvantaged communities. Thus, for the past 27 years, APPEND has been serving the poor micro-entrepreneurs with capital to start or expand their family businesses or micro-enterprises, provide business development & marketing services, savings facilities, educational assistance,  water, health and sanitation (WASH) program , financial literacy and micro-insurance, values formation program, leadership training, and training sessions on environment care.    

APPEND is a non-stock, non-profit, charitable, educational, social welfare development and civic service corporation under the laws of the Republic of the Philippines.  From a reach of 30,000 micro- entrepreneurs, APPEND has helped more than 5 million poor people — assisting them attain better lives and escape poverty, by creating opportunities for them to use their God-given abilities to make wealth.


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About us:
APPEND Incorporated (Alliance of Philippine Partners in Enterprise Development, Inc.), is a non stock, non profit organization established and duly registered by the Securities and Exchanged Commission (SEC) in 1991. APPEND was established by leaders of pioneer microfinance non-government organizations (NGOs) in the Philippines. Through its member organizations, APPEND is currently reaching more than five (5) million poor people nationwide in more than 70 out of 81 provinces in the country