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Meet Raelene the youngest daughter of my friend Elaine Melendez Alvarez and husband Alver Alvarez Raelene was recently diagnosed with Retinoblastoma or cancer of the eyes which normally affects kids aging from 1-3 years old (very rare case). The tumor which was confirmed by a CT scan is already half the size of her right eye, causing her to lose vision. Doctors recommended surgery called enucleation where her right eye will be removed, which is necessary due to the size and the location of the tumor. This surgery will ensure that the cancer can’t spread to the other eye. After surgery, a biopsy will be done to determine whether the cancer is truly isolated to the eye. If the optic nerve shows signs of cancer, then further treatment will be necessary (i.e. chemotherapy). This is why I would like to knock on your kind hearts as low as 50.00 PHP can help a long way. Raelene’s parents needs to gather 100k to 150k for the surgery and after care. If you are interested to help you can contact Raelene’s parents directly here in FB Elaine Melendez Alvarez and Alver Alvarez or call and text them at 09222607301. You can also directly deposit your help in their BDO Account: Account Number: 006100123753 Account Name: Alver Jame Alvarez Thank you for your kindness ??
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Few days ago,  my friend's youngest daughter, Raelene, was diagnosed with an eye cancer called Retinoblastoma. This is a rare case of eye cancer which is only documented to happen 200++ cases per year here in the Philippines. This is also an eye cancer that is almost exclusive to children between 1-3 years of age. This was confirmed by a CT scan which showed that the tumor is already about one thirds to one half the size of her right eye. This caused her to lose vision on her right eye. By God’s grace, the CT Scan also indicated that the tumor has not spread outside of her eye yet.

After consulting with multiple doctors, the treatment recommended is a surgery called enucleation or the removal of the entire eye. This is the recommended course of action due to the size of the tumor, its location and because her right eye already lost vision. The surgery will ensure that the cancer source is cut off and will not be able to spread further. After surgery, a biopsy will be done to determine whether the cancer is truly isolated to the eye. If the optic nerve shows signs of cancer, then further treatment will be necessary (i.e. chemotherapy). The doctors are recommending an aggressive approach and trigger the process for her surgery to take place.

With this fast development of the situation, we are humbly asking for your
• Prayers
o For the Lord to teach us to have faith and trust Him and His Plans for our lives and that He will provide for all our needs
o For the success of the operation – no complications
o For a favorable biopsy result – no signs of the cancer spreading
o For God’s Comfort for our entire Family
o For Elaine’s wellbeing that this situation will not affect her pregnancy in any way
o For Raelene to continue to be as happy and bubbly as she can be
• Financial Support – any amount you are willing to give is highly appreciated
o Father's company health insurance will only cover 20k of the total bill as her case is considered to be congenital
o Initial estimates of the surgery is between PHP 100k to PHP 150k excluding post-surgery expenses
o The amount of post surgery expenses are still unknown but will include multiple follow-up checks, medicine for her recovery and a prosthetic eye, months after full recovery.
o Family current savings will get us thru the door, but is nowhere enough to get us thru the whole ordeal.

We thank you in advance for your prayers and your support.
For those willing and has the capacity to help us financially, father's BDO Savings Account number is 006100123753 – Account Name “Alver Jame Alvarez”. Or you can contact him directly his mobile: 0922-260-7301.

Thank you in advance, and May God Bless Us All.

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