Marawi Evacuees Donation: The 100-Peso Challenge

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The beautiful city of Marawi was recently attacked by the Maute Group, a local terrorist organization that pledged allegiance to ISIS. Evacuees from Marawi City are staying at evacuation centers in Iligan City. They need food, water and your help.
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Marawi City, a city located in the heart of Mindanao, Philippines. It is a glorious place for Muslims and Christians alike where they foster their faith and religion. However, it was not long ago that Marawi City faced a terrible and heartbreaking event.

Marawi City has been terrorized by the Maute Group, a local terrorist group which has pledged allegiance to ISIS. The people in Marawi City were left unprepared for their attack, ambushing cars and scaring off residents. There was no way that they could fight back since militants carried their big rifles to exhibit supremacy and induce fear among the residents.

No one knows when the war will stop. Not even the military themselves can confirm. The fighting is too real, terrifying and worrisome that the President of the Philippines Rodrigo Duterte proclaimed Martial Law in the entire Mindanao hoping that the penetration of the Maute Group will be contained.

The residents were evacuated to the nearest city- Iligan, to be accorded with shelter, food, water and other basic amenities. However, as the number of evacuees rises, both the government and non-government offices find it hard to allocate goods and services to different evacuation centers. They simply could not keep up with the influx of evacuees. Right now, Sagurian, Iligan City houses the highest number of evacuees of over 2000. They lack proper shelter with only few pillows, beddings, and cushion beds and evacuees sleep on a cold cemented floor most of the time. Evacuees line up for food, only to get as much as they can in order to secure themselves for the next meals and days leaving others with little or nothing to eat. Resources are very scarce that babies can’t even drink milk as much as they need for proper nutrition. Some evacuated women are pregnant due the next month yet they can’t receive the proper medical attention.

Seeing the situation myself, I launched a campaign on Facebook called the Marawi Evacuees Donation: The 100-Peso Challenge hoping to raise funds for the evacuees from Marawi City. The threshold is only 100 pesos so students and other low-income-earning individuals can easily donate. However, the reach of my Facebook post is not strong since I do not have a large number of followers, therefore, the visibility is very minimal.

Fortunately, a concerned youth messaged me to try this platform, a platform that I only heard today and seemed too foreign in my ears. I do not know what to do, and I’m only writing this with nothing but my hopes that someone sees this and realize how problematic the situation of the Marawi evacuees.

That is why I am here, seeking for monetary donations to give it those who need it. I am currently working with youth organizations and volunteers in Iligan City so I can send them whatever amount I collect to buy the needed things for the evacuees.

This is not my story, but my people’s misery. I hope you find joy in helping the beautiful people of Marawi.

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Christza Mae Legaspi
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Pk 24 Narra Avenue, Poblacion Bayugan Agusan Del Sur PH
About me:
A student leader and a volunteer from Mindanao State University- Iligan Institute of Technology who wishes to seek donation for the affected evacuees from Marawi City due to the terrorism of the Maute Group in the city.