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Another Battle to Win..
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In 2008, Mama, Emma Emflorigo was diagnosed with Stage II-B Colorectal Cancer. After six cycles of chemotherapy, surgery (Abdominoperineal Resection and TAHBISO), and 30 days of radiation, my mom was able to beat the big C. Nine years and counting she is cancer-free.

Last month though, we are faced with yet another battle. She had to undergo a major surgery and this time on her small intestine.

In October, she was complaining about a pain on her buttocks when she sits or sleeps. We have consulted her doctors and she was given medications. The prescriptions worked, as she was no longer in pain and the swelling had subsided. However, on her last day of medication, she was in agonizing pain that she could not even sit or lay down and preferred to just stand up.

After ER consult on November 14, she was advised to be admitted. After series of tests, doctors said that not only she has cellulitis but also a fistula was noted in her CT scans. The infection/abscess had progressed so they had to conduct surgery as soon as possible, which happened on November 18. After cutting off the affected portion of the intestine, doctors have opted to do an Ileostomy.

Now, my mama has two bags on her tummy. One for the colostomy and another for the Ileostomy.

I am thankful that even at 68 years old, she was able to survive the surgery and is on her way to recovery.

Surviving this requires huge amount of money, as the medical bills have skyrocketed. On behalf of my mom and being her only child, I am pleading and knocking on people’s hearts for help with her medical bills and expenses.

My Mama and I will forever be grateful to our family and friends who have extended their support and prayers during this challenging time.

Thank you so much.

BDO Savings Account

Account Number: 002880175514

Account Name: Joy Anne Imelda Emflorigo


12/11 - After settling the doctors fees, my mom was able to go home tonight after being confined for almost a month in the hospital using a promissory note. They approved it given the condition that we will pay a portion of the hospital bill. Upon approval we were also informed that we have to settle the balance 20 days from the date of discharge. I know nothing is impossible with God. By His grace and provision, we will be able to surpass this trial and will continue to be a living testimony that He is truly faithful. The outpouring support from family, friends, and friends of friends have been amazing. We thank God for touching the hearts of everyone who have extended and continue to extend their support in any way they can whether it be emotionally, spiritually, or financially. Thank you all so much.

12/21 - My mom was rushed again to the hospital on Monday evening (Dec 18) due to body weakness. She couldn't walk or even sit up straight when we sent her to the ER. She was also always asleep and could barely respond when you call her name. Doctors found out she has electrolytes imbalance. Main concerns were her sodium level, which was too low and her kidney function due to infection. Further tests showed low level of magnesium and calcium, high potassium and creatinine. Doctors have strongly suggested her to be admitted in ICU but we have put our trust completely unto the Lord and believed that even in a regular room, she will be well.

After couple of days, thank God mama has been showing signs of improvement. She now tells me what she wants, where it hurts, when she's hungry (though she has feeding tube).

Claiming the gift of long life and good health for my mama.

Thank you all so much for the prayers, love, and support.

Joy Anne Imelda Emflorigo
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Taytay Rizal PH