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This fund is for my loyal and dedicated employee. Last week she gave birth prematurely and lost her twin boys. Currently, the twin boys are still at the morgue. Thus, I am helping the family raise funds so they can pay hospital balance and get the twin babies bodies.
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This is the story of my staff, Jhel who is a very dedicated and loyal employee.  I know personally that she is struggling as she is also the breadwinner of her family.  I admire her as she faced everyday life with a positive outlook despite having difficulty. 

Her first pregnancy is also to twin boys born prematurely. But thanks be to God, the first set of twin boys are in good health now. This is her second pregnancy and another twin boys. Recently, I heard a sad news that she was just having her regular checkup. But, the doctor advised that she should be admitted already. Sadly, the first one died after birth. Whereas the second one was 50-50 still the baby did not make it.

Some part of the hospital bills was covered by PhilHealth and Social Welfare. The company also raised some funds for Jhel. Still, we still need to raise more to cover the bills. So, they can pay the hospital in full.  Once, bills are settled they can now get the twin babies which were currently at the morgue and also claim death certificates. 

The funds will be used to pay the remaining balance at the hospital and also for the funeral.



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