Joemar's Fight Against Traumatic Brain Injury

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Help me to raise funds for my brother who is in the ICU (Intensive Care Unit) battling with severe brain injury.
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The picture shown above is my brother. His name is Joemar Calopez, 25 years old.

He got involved in a motorcycle accident last June 1, 2018. He was diagnosed with "Diffuse Axonal Injury," one of the most common type and devastating types of traumatic brain injury. This has left him unconscious for several days now. The doctor who is handling his case is still uncertain on when he will regain his consciousness.

Since my brother does not have a source of income and a health card, we are currently struggling to pay the daily hospital expenses and anxious of how and where we will get the money to settle the increasing hospital bills. I am an employee who lives from paycheck to paycheck and my savings has already been exhausted to pay for his medicines and laboratory tests starting the first day of his confinement in ICU (Intensive Care Unit). It is even harder because we no longer have parents to support us emotionally and financially. This leaves me with only one option, my last hope. That is to ask for your help.

The painful truth is, we can't afford this. I cannot overcome this by myself.

I am now humbly asking you, everyone, for your prayers and support during my family's trying time – to raise the fund to cover my brother's medical bills. Any amount that you could spare to help will be rewarded a prayer of heartfelt gratitude and blessing.

You may also help by simply sharing this page on any social media or including him in your prayers. My family appreciates you taking the time to read this. God bless us all.

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 Thank God! There are series of eye opening. But his vision has not yet been completely restored. He can only see shadows.

His Glasgow coma scale is 10 points!

We are hoping for more improvements.

We'll keep you updated with hishcurrent concondition. We are still accepting donations, Thank you and Godbless!

JUNE 13, 2018

He is now awake! His doctor presrcibes him lesser medicines as he can see big improvemets on my brother. The doctor said once he can breathe on his own, without the support of the oxygen machine, they will take him out of the ICU and he will then be transferred to the regular room. God is good! Thank you all for your support! 

 JUNE 14,2018

His brain has improved as per Doctor Borja, he is the ones taking care of his brain's condition. We were advised that he can be transferred from ICU to regular room anytime once they see improvements on his breathing. Thank you Lord for the good news!

JUNE 17,2018

Joemar has been transferred to the regular room now here at CLDH. He can now support his breathing without the support of the respirator. Thank you Lord! 

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