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Cancer Warriors Foundation, Inc Our name tells our story: Cancer Warriors fight for kids (children/adolescents ) with cancer, the survivors and their families. Cancer Warriors Foundation is a Philippine based patient support organization for families of children with childhood cancer. It leads the fight for children/adolescents with cancer, childhood cancer survivors and their families. We STAND UP and SPEAK OUT for them. We promote and protect their right to have access to the best possible treatment and care, wherever they may be. We ADVOCATE, so that there will be available, affordable, good quality childhood cancer drugs and medication, adequate social health insurance coverage and opportunities for childhood cancer survivors. We CATALYZE ACTION , so that health programs and services will include childhood cancer and be responsive to the needs and concerns of kids with cancer, the survivors and their families. We ENGAGE and MOBILIZE diverse stakeholders and volunteers from government, private corporations , academic and resource institutions , civil society organizations, faith based institutions , communities , to work together in demanding and creating irreversible momentum for change, in the way kids with cancer and survivors are supported, treated and cared for . We COLLABORATE and INSPIRE the BEST among our volunteers and partners , to achieve significant and sustainable breakthroughs that will help shape a positive future and improve the lives of children with cancer and the survivors. Cancer Warriors Foundation is the living legacy of a childhood cancer survivor and passionate volunteers who believe that one death is too many and no child or parent should ever have to face cancer alone For the past 15 years, Cancer Warriors Foundation has been helping increase awareness about childhood cancer, providing direct medical and treatment assistance to kids with cancer and advocating for changes in the medical and health sector. CWF has successfully advocated for inclusion of childhood cancer drugs in the Universally Accessible Cheaper and Quality Medicines Act of 2008. This has lowered prices of 9 essential chemotheraphy drugs for leukemia by at least 50% and increased survival rates in one CWFI project site to as much as 80%. This proves that increased awareness, early detection and affordable medicines will save lives! Beyond saving lives, we help childhood cancer survivors to fulfill their potential and realize their dreams. We assist them and their families to build better and brighter futures. CWF provides scholarship assistance and transport support for survivors who wish to pursue higher education or gain technical vocational certification. It assists parents of kids with cancer to find gainful employment or to enhance skills necessary for employability or entrepreneurship. It collaborates with various sectors and promotes community based initiatives to ensure continuing assistance, support and caring for kids with cancer and their families. II. Our Vision and Mission CWFI was founded with the VISION that No child should suffer a diminished quality of life because of cancer. Cancer Warriors Foundation exists to STAND UP, SPEAK OUT, and WORK TOGETHER with its partners and volunteers in Saving Lives, Building Better Futures and Keeping Hope Alive for children/adolescents with cancer, the survivors and their families. CWFI brings together and mobilizes diverse stakeholders and volunteers from diverse sectors: academia/schools, faith based organizations, local government units, private organizations, businesses, communities and civil society organizations . n F acilitating increased awareness and understanding of childhood cancers, with emphasis on early detection, proper management and quality supportive care. CWFI volunteers undertake information campaigns in communities, churches, schools, offices. Monthly or weekly meetings cum learning sessions are held for parents in each of its operating areas. These assists parents of newly diagnosed kids through sharing of experience based tips as well as strengthens the community fellowship and feeling of hope among existing parents and caregivers. n I nitiating programs and activities that will inspire , bring joy and smiles to kids with cancer and their families, reminding them that there is joy and hope , even with cancer. Childhood cancer is a devastating and painful journey which robs kids of the joy and excitement of their childhood and teen years. Thus, CWFI believes one of the important aspects of childhood cancer care is to ensure that children/adolescents with cancer still have the chance to enjoy and experience life to its fullest. Childhood cancer should never be allowed to limit the growth, experience and happiness of kids. There are year round social, recreational and edu-entertainment initiatives hosted by various groups and volunteers for the kids and their families. These consist of parties, theme park and museum visits, art classes and many more events . All these are organized and hosted by volunteers, partners, and supporters from various sectors. n G enerating support and pro-active involvement of various sectors in information /education/communication (IEC), and advocacy, especially on childhood cancers. These are continuing initiatives to connect with and draw in additional supporters and champions in all sectors, at all levels. CWFI volunteers develop IEC and advocacy materials and work in solidarity with others. n H elping ensure that poor and impoverished children with cancer will have access to timely and appropriate diagnosis, affordable, good quality drugs and medicines, proper treatment and quality care as well as productive opportunities and a better future for survivors. n T aking the lead in building and strengthening linkages and encouraging resource – sharing, between and among local and international groups, involved in childhood cancer prevention, childhood cancer advocacy and social mobilization. CWFI is a vanguard member of the Childhood Cancer International (formerly ICCCPO :International Confederation of Childhood Cancer Parents Organizations), a global network of 187 member organizations in 90 countries. Its Managing Director is the current Global Chair/President of CCI and oversees the CCI-Asia Leadership Team. CWFI is also a member of UICC (Union for International Cancer Control) which has 760 member organizations in 155 countries and of NCD –CHILD Alliance (a coalition of organizations advocating that non communicable diseases such as childhood cancer, diabetes, heart and lung related conditions be made part of the local and global child health agenda and platform for action). Cancer Warriors Foundation believes in and has experienced firsthand the power and strength of volunteerism to make a lasting, positive difference in the lives of children/adolescents with cancer, the survivors and their families. The growth and highly successful innovative programs, projects and initiatives of CWF in the last 15 years is due in large part to the unwavering spirit of service and passion of its volunteers. (e.g. Bike for Life1- Journey of Hope; BikeforLife2-Journey of Courage; BikeforLife3 –Journey of Faith; Cancert – Kantahan Para sa Mga Batang May Cancer; Run for Warriors; Play for Life; Basura for Life; Dugo Para kay Bunso; Christmas Card Project; Gold Ribbon with Pinoy Big Brother; Cakes for Joy and Hope etc) . III. The CHALLENGE : In developed countries, 8 out of 10 kids with cancer survive and enjoy meaningful and productive lives. In the Philippines, in most areas, 8 out of 10 kids with cancer DIE! They die because they are POOR. They die because of low awareness of childhood cancer, lack of information, delayed diagnosis and expensive costs of treatment and care. CHILDHOOD CANCER IS CURABLE. Unfortunately, in our country, among children and the youth, cancer has become a leading cause of non-communicable disease related death. By the end of this day, at least 8 more families, would mourn the untimely loss of their child and forever carry the burden of that loss. IV. MOVING FORWARD and INVITATION TO ACTION: While progress has been made much more remains to be done for kids with cancers that are not leukaemia. These are kids, who have cancers of the brain, eyes ( retinoblastoma) , bones ( osteosarcoma), kidneys ( wilms tumor) and blood (lymphoma)). These cancers account for 1/3 of childhood cancer cases in our country. Unfortunately, life saving drugs for the care and treatment of these kids are not yet part of the priority list. They are also not yet included in the special Phil Health Z package/ program for childhood cancer. Unless continuing action is taken, many more children with cancer will suffer and die needlessly; many more families and communities will grieve the loss of their children – their priceless, irreplaceable treasures; many more will be impoverished due to catastrophic treatment costs. All these will severely impact on initiatives for poverty reduction, sustainable development, economic growth and prosperity. We need you to BE THE VOICE FOR KIDS WITH CANCER .. BE THEIR HERO . THEY NEED YOU !!!
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