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Typhoon Yolanda destroyed almost 90% coral reef damage in the Island Province of Siquijor, in Central Visayas. It has resulted in a lack of food and livelihood for locals relying heavily on the seas. CCEF is doing its part in rehabilitating the coral reef areas, teaching people how to save resources and develop people's understanding on the importance of our oceans. But we can't do it alone. Much of what we do relies heavily from support from kind individuals and partners. Our only happiness is in making sure that communities and Philippine seas coincide in harmony for generations to come.
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Room 302, 3/F PDI Condominium, Archbishop Reyes Avenue, Cebu City (capital), Cebu, Philippines
CCEF is a non-stock and non-profit organization registered under the laws of the Philippines. Fully known as Coastal Conservation and Education Foundation, Inc., it is composed of innovative and collaborative professionals working “on the ground”, primarily through local governments, with the people of the coastal communities who most directly benefit from a healthy marine ecosystem. Driven by its passion to create Sustainable Coasts and Involved Communities, CCEF continues to develop and disseminate tools, techniques and research for better marine management. It also promotes integrated coastal management approach that includes marine protected areas (MPAs) localized law enforcement and other participatory best practices.CCEF’s desire to improve the quality of life of coastal communities has also led to providing social services above the shoreline, including: Environment-friendly enterprises, such as marine ecotourism, seaweed farming, locally-based service businesses and organizing drinking water supply systems Education related to environmental management, energy efficiency, governance and financial management Information systems and geographical information systems Reproductive health education and family planning CCEF’s expertise in coastal resource management has resulted in an increasing amount of advisory and contract work from governments, corporations and other NGOs thereby increasing its participation in not only in the region but also at the national level.
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