Return To The Hill: The Ateneo Grand Alumni Homecoming 2017
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Return to the Hill: The Ateneo Grand Alumni Homecoming 2017

We stood on a hill. And we went down from it, down to the world as men—and as men for others. Today, we return to the hill. To friends and family who have helped form and guide our spirit. To the halls and grounds that have watched us grow in mind and body. To stand with men—and women—for others again. We return to remember what we were taught: to serve, to give, to fight, to toil, to labor. This year, the class of AGS 88, AHS 92, and College 96, together with the Golden Jubilarians, invite Ateneans from all batches, from all levels, to celebrate coming home. Let’s return to the hill this 2017.
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