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My Mom Ester Ybañez Guape 58 years old currently in ICU with an acute lung failure and pneumonia at Polymedic General Hospital Velez, Cagayan de Oro City Philippines. She is doing her best to fight for her life yet we lack of financial capacity to supply her medical needs. please help my Mom..
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I am Reziel Y. Guape  27 years old, I am the only one who takes care of my Mom, we were abandoned by my Father when I was just 7 years old Since then I know I will become the bread winner of the Family. After I graduated in high school 2009 my Mom had a Spiral Cerebral Degeneration that made her bed ridden for 8 years . I was a call center in the evening and a caregiver in the morning that was how things work for me and my Mom. But on November 11th this year she had problems on her breathing and I immediately got her to the nearest hospital. Now she fights for her life because of her acute lung failure with pneumonia She's currently in ICU at Polymedic General Hospital Velez, Cagayan De Oro City Philippines. Her Doctor stated that she is dependent with those medical machines (ventilator) yet she is doing Her best to fight that statement. We really need your help, We don't have the capacity to settle our bill in the Hospital, and as days past by our bill grows bigger and bigger now it is at a Hundred ninety three thousand Pesos and I can't imagine on how I could gather that amount of money, I even struggle with her everyday medicines and supplies. She is begining to have fever again and her phlems are somewhat expanding through Her lungs because I can't provide the antibiotics that she needs. I already asked for government assistance and still was not enough, it just covered some of Her medicines that the Hospital produced and infact her Ventilation the "Hangin CDO" was not included in the final billing. This is a private Company that provides the oxygen for my Mom and it was at ₱18,715.00 as the last reciept states. I already asked for help to my current and past Companies, Families and Friends but still it was just for the medicines and supplies that the Doctor/ICU representatives asked us to buy. Now I am knocking on your hearts  Hoping to pull this up with God's grace, with a leap of Faith I trust him with all my heart and soul. I know you'd do the same if you we're in my situation. I love my Mom so much that I am so afraid to lose her, I'll do everything for Her. please help me! Help my Mom.

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