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I am appealing to your kind hearts to help my family raise funds to support my Mom's dialysis treatments and demanding medical needs... God bless you all!
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          My Mom, Tess, will be 62 years old on June 20.  She will be celebrating her birthday as a stroke, diabetic, and chronic kidney disease-stricken individual. 

          My Dad passed away when I was 18.  My Mom went through her first battle with grief as a widow with two children.  Years after, I was afflicted with a  post-viral type of demyelinating disease.  My Mom was shoved into her second battle of despair for fear of losing another loved one.  It was God's mercy and love that healed me, during which time I also fervently prayed, most of all, for my Mom's pain to go away.

          Her grandson, my brother's child named Adam Ray, has been her source of joy and hope in the past years.  He is named after my Dad, Ray.  He is the living reminder of what my Mom had lost several years ago, and to this day, she continues to find solace in spending time with him.  We could only pray that my Mom continues to fight so she may get to see her grandson grow.  I think she deserves that, with all the sacrifices she has made for me and my brother... She deserves that chance.

          Now, with her current condition as a dialysis patient, it's my turn and my brother's to face the long road ahead with nothing but an artillery of prayers and plea for compassion from friends and relatives.  I am humbly knocking into your kind hearts to help us raise funds for Mommy's medical needs, with our target of $5000.  

          Please stand beside her.

          Stand beside us who have witnessed her grief and who know that you understand what if feels like to be in desperate times.

          On behalf of my family, I would like to thank you in advance for heeding my plea to help Mommy.  God bless you all!



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