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I am Rainymei Panes. Asking for your help to save my son's heart.
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Hello! I'm Rainymei D. Panes. I am the mother of Paul Federic Panes. My son is currently 5 days old and he has this Congenital Heart Defect called Transposition of Great Arteries (TGA). We, as a family, are knocking on your hearts to save my son's own. He will undergo an Arterial Switch Operation to anatomically fix his heart. Any amount would do. Above all else, we are asking for your prayers to provide our son with enough strength to get through his battle for life. Thank you and God bless us All.

5/10/2017 Our little fighter Baby Paul Federic is doing great. He has been taking breastmilk well and all laboratory tests are normal. Doctors have now suggested that our little fighter is ready for the surgery. The family will still have to decide as to where will the surgery take place. Let us continue to pray for Baby Paul Federic and the entire family. Stay strong little one, keep fighting... Please help share and/or donate if you can...Every little thing helps, thank you???? #loveandgratitude #fightPaulFederic 5/9/2017 We would like to thank everyone who have helped us in our campaign for my nephew Baby Paul Federic. You truly reminded us that there is nothing impossible when you have good people that surrounds you. We are thankful for everything, may it be in the form of donations, wishes, thoughts, especially prayers that each one of you have shared! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts! This has brought so much tears in our eyes and gave us so much hope knowing that a lot of people is showing their love and support for Baby Paul Federic. Truly, we are not alone in this battle. Madamo gid nga salamat! (Thank you very much!) Please help share and/or donate if you can...Every little thing helps, thank you! #loveandgratitude #fightPaulFederic 5/6/2017 Baby Paul Federic together with his Dad & the medical team has safely landed in Manila. Thank you Lord for keeping everyone safe in this journey. ??????Continue praying for Baby Paul, we love you little one. Stay strong! #fightPaulFederic #loveandgratitude 5/5/2017 As of now, we are waiting for Baby Paul's discharge from Iloilo Doctor's Hospital for his air transfer to The Medical City - Ortigas in Manila. From there, his other illnesses (Pneumonia, Edema, etc) will be treated and as soon as he recuperates and is strong enough, his operation will begin. This is a time constraining moment for us. Please if you could squeeze in Baby Paul in your daily prayers for strength to win this battle. I would like to extend my gratitude to all those who already donated spare money from their daily needs. May our Creator bless you and your families each and everyday...

Rainymei Panes
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8a San Juan Street, Molo, Iloilo City Iloilo City Iloilo PH
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I'm Rainymei Panes, mother of Paul Federic Panes. I am asking for you help to support my son's Arterial Switch Operation. He is currently 5 days old and has a congenital heart defect called Transposition of Great Arteries. In short, his heart is anatomically abnormal. We, as a family, are knocking on your precious hearts to help us fund his operation. Above all, i am asking for your prayers for my son to continue to fight for his life. God Bless us All.