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Emar is 1 year & 5 mos. old,w/ multiple sickness,omphalocelle,ASD,enguinal hernia,situs inversus partialis,broncho pulmonary displaysia,cerebral palsy,epilepsy & hydrocephalus,suffered 8x cardiac arrest but still fighting
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We are married for about 6 years before I got pregnant, we took good care of myself  to secure my pregnancy then on my follow up ultrasound. On my 5 months  pregnancy, They found out my baby on my tummy has omphalocelle & ASD,were so shock on our baby's condition,my ob in Laguna,suggest us to moved in other bigger hospital,like PGH,cause they cannot promise me that my baby will survive. On my check up in PGH,I was in high risks patient due to my baby's condition, my ob told me that this case is very rare,for among 1000 mothers giving birth, only 2-3 babies have this case. They also told me that I must be always prepared & alert that anytime my baby will die inside my womb. Every other week they performed ultrasound until I reached 9 moths of pregnancy, they were surprise that my baby is still alive. They scheduled my caesarian delivery, cause if I will be in normal delivery is very impossible on my baby's case because his intestines & half of liver was protruded from his abdomen. On that day, October 27,2015,2:30 AM, they did the caesarian session for my delivery, they were shock that my baby can breath on his own even though it was so obvious that he has omphalocelle & ASD. Suddenly after 30 minutess, my baby got blue color & start fainting and very hard to breath.So they decided to put et tube & connect to ventilator. He was get inside NICU,neonatal intensive care unit,on the 4th day of giving birth,that's the 1st day that I saw my child.It really broke my heart that my baby was in a very deep sleep, no energy to open his eyes & cannot breath on his own.



I told to myself that I should be strong for my baby I try my best not to cry in front of him & talked to him as a mother that he have us to fight for his battle. I talked to his guardian angel to always guide him & heal him. I always visit him at nicu, even my wound still aching & I even cannot stand straight because of my caesarian session. 


I was discharge. but I left my baby at nicu. Everyday I travel from Laguna to Manila & went to PGH,NICU area to visit my son during his stay in NICU, He suffered a lot of illness like sepsis,3x pneumonia & even meningitis, the doctors told us that we should pray a lot cause there is no chance for his sepsis, He is in critical condition the doctor suggest us to baptized him so that he will be blessed before he go to heaven, so on Dec 17,2016,we decided to baptized him, the doctor called a priest from a catholic church near Philippine General Hospital then baptized my baby Emar. After a week on visiting hours, I'm getting near to emar & felt nervous that my baby is colored violet, I call the attention of nurse but she ignored me then I call the doctor & checked emar, He shouted so loud "CODE" then they pumped the chest of emar. I came outside nicu w/ no words only tears falls from my eyes & noticed that my baby emar has no heartbeat & need to revived. I just pray to God & all of sudden they declaire that emar revived. Then on first week of January, He was extubated no more ventilators only oxygen on his nose. He survived his sepsis, pneumonias & even meningitis.



Emar was discharged from nicu last Feb 10,2016 with oxygen support 24/7 at home, Were so happy that at last my baby will go home. Emar was again admitted last march 3,2016, He is in deep breath & always crying, but on march 4,2016, He’s discharged again. On march 9,2016, Emar cried so hard at home, 6:30pm. He fainted again colored violet & no breathing, I hug him tightly & feel his heart, no heart beating, no pulses,& noticed that emar is dead! I cried so loud & called God to please bring my emar back! I don't know what to do,I'm just shouting then suddenly I remembered how the doctors pumped his chest in NICU days. I lay him down & pumped his chest for a several times & hug him again. He has no response. I just talked to God & told him to took care my emar then suddenly. He choked a little & pinkish body again. We brought him to Pgh & admitted again. Doctors put him et tube & connect again to ventilator. 

Then the next story is a real history at age of 4-5 months. We enjoyed his laughter’s, smiles ,he plays. But he suffers 5 consecutive cardiac arrest. It only counts 1-3 minutes but his 6th arrest it counts 5 minutes. He didn't woke up for 3 days then after 3 days, He opened his eyes, no reaction, no response on anything I've said ct scan was done & find out that he has already cerebral palsy. After a month he again suffers 15 minutes cardiac arrest and lastly, July 24,2016, He suffers 18 minutes cardiac arrest, & the doctors told us that he will never be a normal baby again.



He will be a bed ridden baby not normal reaction & not normal life, no more laughter's & even his simple voice will cannot be heard anymore. They decided to put him tracheotomy & asks us to provide a portable pressured mechanical ventilator for us to go home but I know it’s not possible for us to provide one, That's why I'm hoping & praying that God will make a way for us to survived this struggle in our life. I still believe that one day miracle will happen to a precious little warrior of mine, My one big hero, Emar Jhon.

Your danations will be a big help to save my baby emar life, Thank you! :)




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