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This campaign is a desire to help my loving mother to grant her wish and give her a monthly income.. :)
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I made this campaign for my mother because I think I could help to achieve in one of her dreams to build an extension rooms in our house (which I used to lived to when I was still young and single!) that would use as investment for rental business. We are a lower middle class family. No properties of inheritance from my deceased father and we faced almost borrowing money to our neighbors and relatives for the my studies and my other 3 siblings.

Currently, we do have our own families and living away from her. Only my mom and my sister with daughter are staying at that house with no extra income or savings. By this fund, it will be utilized as rental business which was very demanding in that area. They could have an extra income monthly to get for.  She's getting old and have health issues , but I  admire her because she's still working as insurance agent and I want to stop it for her sake. I want her to stop working and just stay at home. I'm supporting her in little ways such as paying the electrical & water bills monthly but it wasn't enough. 

This is the picture of our house, planning to extend extra rooms for renters.  Notice the tall house of our beside neighbor, which they did but we want to start  small extension first,. I hope you will get involved in this campaign for my mother, I will truly appreciate it. Thanks! :)

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Florencio Bongcaras
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I'm an individual citizen who wants to help people and be a blessings to them.