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Here's the plan: every time the donations reach $1,000 (about Php 50,000), I will hand the amount over to a charity of my choice.
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Thinking Pinoy readers are used to seeing a PayPal donation button at the end of each ThinkingPinoy.net article. However, I have decided to remove that button and replace it with a donation button for a charitable organization.

While ThinkingPinoy is mostly a political blog, I prefer to give to apolitical institutions that serve apolitical purposes. Specifically, I wish to hand over the donations to institutions like orphanages, elderly homes, disadvantaged children or institutions that help people with sicknesses and disabilities.

Here's the plan: each time the donations reach $1,000 (about Php 50,000), I will hand the amount over to a charity of my choice, provided that the said charity falls under the abovementioned categories.

I do not want to give all donations to just a single charity because I do not want to risk their over-reliance on it, especially since donations to TP are quite unpredictable.

I shall put up announcements on the Thinking Pinoy facebook page each time I hand over donations.

If you are a qualifying SEC-registered charity organization that needs a little financial help, please let me know by emailing [email protected]

Thank you.

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