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We are seeking financial help for Karen's medical treatment.
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Karen, our family's baby, has a bright future ahead of her and we are sure of it. If you know her, you can attest that she is selfless, smart, and relentless. She is also the most loving daughter, sister, and friend you can ever have.

Karen has suffered from depression recently. Despite the support she has been getting from friends and family, this crafty monster almost took her life - away from all of us who loves her deeply. It is a miracle that she's even with us now, given the harm she inflicted on herself. DEPRESSION IS TRULY A DISEASE.

We believe that it was the monster that took over. Karen was just bullied into doing what we all feared the most. She arrived in the emergency room with no pulse, and was tagged as doa. But we knew she was still there somewhere, because despite the circumstance, the doctors and nurses were successful in reviving her - I was there to witness how relentless she was in that emergency room; full of courage and hope; the Karen we all know.

She is given another chance, and we will do everything to make sure she gets to live it.

Karen is now in the Intensive Care Unit of Cardinal Santos Medical Center fighting for what the future holds for her. We are asking for your love, prayers, and financial support to give Karen the appropriate medical treatment while she fights to regain her consciousness - to wake up from this nightmare and start anew. Karen has been in the ICU since Friday, June 16, and is in a state of coma. Doctors cannot predict how long will she be staying in the ICU, her vital signs are stable but with slow brain activity. Projecting her medical expenses, our current resources would not be enough to cover the hospital bill as it is anticipated that her stay in the ICU would last for several weeks, maybe more.

We are reaching out to those who would want to help us during these trying times. Any amount would be of great help to us and Karen's chances of survival. Most of all, your continuous love, care, and prayers are greatly appreciated.



 21 Jun 2017 

  • Her heart beat and blood pressure are stable
  • She is showing small signs of movement when talked to, she reacts to pain
  • Still in life support but out of danger

23 Jun 2017

  • Regress on reflex, no reaction to pain and cornea movement
  • Still in ventilator

27 June 2017

  • Still no reflex, no reaction to pain and cornea movement
  • Ventilator helps with breathing, pressor helps with blood pressure
  • Removed pressor, blood pressure stable

28 June 2017

  • Karen is now in a regular room, Rm. 366
  • No changes in her status

02 July 2017

  • Done with Apnea test
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